Professional Transcription Services

100% Human Generated Transcripts.

  • Convert your audio recordings into transcripts for $0.90 per audio minute.
  • 100+ professional transcriptionists with vast knowledge in various industries.
  • 15Hrs turnaround time.
  • 99% accuracy.

How it Works

1. Upload Audio / Video

  • Once you create an account, go to your dashboard to upload an audio/video recording.
  • Select your preferred transcription type (Verbatim or non-verbatim)
  • Include a glossary. This includes speaker names, technical terms and abbreviations, and any other instructions regarding formatting of the transcript.
  • Our automated cost calculator computes total transcription cost.
  • Make payment. PayPal is our accepted method of payment.
  • Complete Upload.

2. Professional Transcription

  • The audio recording is analyzed to be matched with the perfect transcriptionist for its category.
  • Professional transcriptionist works on the file to produce a transcript.
  • The transcript is reviewed to ensure it guarantees 99% accuracy and submitted.

3. Download Your Transcript

  • We notify you via email when your transcript is ready.
  • Download your transcript as word document.
*The whole process takes 15 hours for audio recordings 40 minutes long or shorter.

Types of Transcriptions

Verbatim: Every spoken word is captured.

  • All speech is captured word for word from the beginning to the end.
  • Filler words, false starts and stutters are included. E.g., uh, um.
  • Some non-speech sounds are captured. E.g., laughter.
*The transcript is long and speech patterns don’t flow well making it hard to read.

Non-Verbatim: Clean read version transcript.

Non-verbatim captures only what the speaker actually intended to say. This is our default style for all transcription services and the most commonly requested transcription.

  • The whole recording is captured without paraphrasing or grammar correction.
  • Filler words, false starts and stutters are omitted.
  • Non-speech sounds are omitted.
*Preserves context and meaning of every sentence in the recording while ensuring the readability of the transcript.