Closed captions for all video platforms (YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Viusasa, etc.)

  • Get closed captions for $0.90 per video minute.
  • 100+ professionals with vast knowledge in various industries.
  • 99% Accuracy Guarantee.

How it Works

1. Upload Video

  • First, you create an account, then go to your dashboard to upload a video. We support multiple video formats.
  • Include a glossary for transcription purposes: technical terms and abbreviations, subject, etc.
  • Includes speaker names; only if you require them to appear within parts of the subtitles.
  • Our automated cost calculator computes total cost, based on video length.
  • Make payment. PayPal and M-Pesa are our accepted methods of payment.
  • Complete Upload.

2. Video Captioning

  • The audio content of the video is first transcribed and then the text is correctly formatted and time synched on the video by our professional team.
  • The captioned video is reviewed to ensure that all subtitle groups are matched with the correct time to be displayed.
  • Once accuracy is confirmed, the captions are saved as an SRT file and placed on your dashboard.

3. Download Your Closed Captions

  • We notify you via email when your project is complete.
  • Download your SRT file.
*24Hrs Turnaround 99% Accuracy Guarantee.