Caspad Closed Captions

Subtitles are essential if you want your video content to reach an audience such as people with hearing impairments, people who speak different languages from the one in your videos or even people who speak a similar language with a different accent. Subtitles can easily be translated to different languages in order to reach an audience who speak even a completely different language.

Closed captions are used in TV shows, YouTube videos, video games, website content or any other visual web media in order to reach a bigger audience. Including closed captions helps to improve accessibility and search engine ranking of your video content therefore, a helpful tool for SEO. Closed captions are useful for other types of videos such, ads, promotional videos, webinars, coaching videos, religious sermons and online courses.

Our professional team ensures your video’s audio content is accurately transcribed, and the subtitle text is aligned to be accurately displayed on your videos. We deliver an SRT file, which you can use for all of your English web media. Our turnaround time is at most 24 hours for videos that are not longer than 40 minutes.

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